Road Hazard Causes Fatal I-80 Accident Near Joliet

There are a variety of road hazards that can cause or contribute to a vehicle crashing.  One of these types of road hazards is when an object falls off of one vehicle and hits another vehicle.  These objects can be cargo, tires, vehicle parts, or other items.  The subject of road hazards and the danger they pose to motorists – including medical and legal issues regarding the injuries such road hazards can cause – is further discussed on the “Will County Road Hazards” page.

There was a fatal I-80 car accident near Joliet on Tuesday (March 6, 2018) afternoon.  The accident involved a wheel hub that fell off of a semi truck and smashed into the windshield of a GMC Acadia SUV that driving in the opposite lanes.

An excerpt regarding the crash, from the article (with video) of March 7, 2018 titled “Driver killed when semi wheel hub comes through windshield on I-80“:

About 2:20 p.m., the semitrailer was headed east on I-80 when a wheel hub came off the trailer’s rear axel near Rowell Avenue and crossed over into the westbound lanes of traffic, according to Illinois State Police.

The lost hub collided with the windshield of a passenger car as it headed west, killing the female driver at the wheel, state police said. Her identity was not immediately released pending notification of family.

The woman killed was later identified as Melinda Cullen, 38, of Coal City.  She was pregnant at the time of the crash and her unborn son did not survive.

Another excerpt regarding the crash, from the March 7 NBC Chicago article (with video) titled “Pregnant Mother Killed When Semi Wheel Hub Comes Through Windshield on I-80“:

The driver of the semi, 59-year-old Antanas Sereiva of Bolingbrook, was charged with a violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act for having unsafe equipment, state police said.

Those who may have witnessed this accident or otherwise have information concerning the crash are asked to call the Illinois State Police at (815) 726-6377 ext. 288.

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March 5, 2018 New Lenox Pedestrian Accident Injures Man

Pedestrian accidents remain a problematical aspect with regard to traffic safety.  These accidents occur on a regular basis, and a pedestrian accident typically leads to injuries that are serious in nature.  Someone who has been hit by a vehicle can suffer life-threatening injuries, and fatal injuries can occur.

On this site, various pedestrian crashes that have occurred in Will County are summarized in posts found in the “pedestrian accidents” category.  As seen in these summaries, a broad range of injuries can result, with many injuries being serious in nature and possibly life-threatening if not fatal in severity.   [Additional various aspects of such Will County crashes, including what to do after an accident, are further discussed on the “Will County Pedestrian Accidents And Injuries” page.]

There was a pedestrian accident in New Lenox on Monday (March 5, 2018) night.  It happened as a man was walking a dog.  According to the New Lenox Police Department, at the time of the crash the car was making a left-hand turn.  An excerpt regarding the crash, from the March 6, 2018 New Lenox Patch article titled “Pedestrian Hit By Car Recovering Slowly:  Police.”  An excerpt:

The crash happened just before 8 p.m. in New Lenox near Joliet Highway and Schoolhouse Road. A witness said a female driver was heading north on Schoolhouse Road and turning west onto Joliet Highway when she struck a male pedestrian, who was seen walking his dog at the time.

The man hit by the car was taken to Silver Cross Hospital for treatment of his accident injuries.

Additional information concerning Will County pedestrian accidents can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

Boy Fatally Struck While Riding Tricycle On Joliet’s East Side

There was a fatal bicycle accident Wednesday (February 28, 2018) afternoon.  The accident involved a boy being struck by a vehicle while he was riding his tricycle.

Details on the accident appear limited.  The reasons for the fatal crash are under investigation.

However, as seen in the Joliet Patch article of March 2, 2018 (“Little Boy Dies After Car Hits Tricycle“) the accident happened on the East Side (the 600 block of Landau) in the afternoon.  The boy was identified as Mateo Alvarez, 3, of Joliet.

He was taken to Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox for treatment of his accident injuries.  According to the Will County Coroner’s Office he was pronounced dead at 3:52 p.m.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this fatal Will County bicycle accident can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above.

Statistics And Characteristics Of Will County Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents remain a problematical aspect of traffic safety.  These accidents are particularly concerning as they can lead to a wide range of accident injuries.  While such injuries vary in their severity, it is common for such injuries to be serious in nature, and many are life-threatening if not fatal.

On this site various aspects of Will County bicycle crashes – including both medical issues as well as legal issues – are discussed on the “Bicycle Accidents In Will County” page.  A critically important issue – that of what to do if you have been injured during a crash – are also discussed.  As mentioned on the page, for many reasons it is very important to attend to the resulting medical condition and legal issues as soon as possible after the injuries occur.  It is highly recommended that accident injuries are thoroughly assessed by a medical professional.   These assessments are typically conducted in a hospital emergency room (ER.)

Also, the “Will County Bicycle Accidents” page mentions statistics regarding recent crashes, as well as the reasons for their occurrence.  An excerpt from this page:

While some bicycling accident injuries are relatively minor, such as scrapes, “road rash” and contusions, many bike accidents can cause serious injuries. Common serious bike accident injuries include bone fractures, back injuries, face trauma, chest trauma, and head trauma, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Many serious bicycle accidents end in the death of the bicyclist.

Additionally, individual Will County accidents that have resulted in injuries or fatalities have been summarized in posts found under the “bicycle accidents” category.

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