Will County Truck Accidents Leading To Injuries And Fatalities

Will County truck accidents frequently occur. There are many reasons why Will County has a relatively high amount of traffic accidents involving trucks. Among these reasons is the types of businesses located in Will County and the types of roadways in the county.

There are many reasons that truck crashes occur. As discussed on the “Will County Truck Accidents” page, trucks are prone to crashing due to many physical characteristics. Among these characteristics is that they are heavy and take longer to stop; as well, shifting weight during hard braking can be a significant factor as to whether the truck driver loses control of the semi or other truck. Also, the truck needs to be properly loaded as far as weight distribution and overall weight is concerned in order for the truck to safely travel. There have been various truck crashes that have involved improperly loaded trucks.

Another factor that is discussed on the truck accidents page mentioned above is the truck driver and his or her fitness to drive. Truck driver fatigue has been a significant concern which various regulations have tried to address. Various Will County truck accidents as well as others throughout Illinois have involved the truck driver either being drowsy and inattentive while driving, or falling asleep while driving. These crashes that have occurred because of these “drowsy driver” and drivers who have “fallen asleep at the wheel” have led to serious accident injuries and several high-profile fatalities.

A recent example of a Will County truck crash is discussed on the September 21, 2018 The Herald-News article titled “Overturned semi causes morning delays on I-55.” While the article does not discuss what caused the semi to overturn, this incident illustrates that accidents involving trucks often are significant in nature. The potential for significant crashes are higher on expressways such as I-80 and I-55, where the speeds are typically higher.

Additional details on Will County truck accidents can be seen in the sources mentioned above. On this site, individual Will County truck accidents that have caused injury or death can be seen in posts under the “Truck Accidents” category.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents In Tinley Park On September 19, 2018

In Tinley Park Thursday (September 20, 2018) evening there were two multi-vehicle accidents that involved accident injuries.

The two multi-vehicle accidents (MVAs) are discussed in the Mokena Patch article of September 21, 2018 titled “2 Multi-Vehicle Crashes Happen Blocks Apart On 167th Street.”

As seen in the article, one of the multi-vehicle accidents, at 167th and Ridgeland Avenue, involved a four-car collision.  An accident scene photo shows a collision between a car and SUV.

The other multi-vehicle accident happened at 167th and Gentry Lane.

In both of these multi-vehicle accidents, details on accident injuries are not provided.  However, in the 167th and Gentry Lane crash a helicopter was flown to the accident.

When one is injured in an accident, it is recommended that a thorough medical exam is conducted.  This medical exam, which may be conducted in the hospital Emergency Room (ER), serves many purposes.

During a vehicle accident, there are a broad range of serious injuries that can occur.  These injuries can include broken bones, external and internal bleeding, skin abrasions, injuries to the back and neck, chest trauma and various types of traumatic brain injuries (TBI).  Burn injuries can occur if a fire breaks out at the accident scene.

Due to the accident injuries that can occur, as well as the possible difficulty in knowing what injuries have occurred, a thorough medical exam is often conducted to identify accident injuries and best determine how to treat them.  While many accident injuries will be readily apparent, some injuries may not be readily apparent at the time of the accident or even for a considerable amount of time after the accident.  Among these injuries that may not be readily apparent are various types of traumatic brain injuries as well as internal bleeding.  Both of these types of injuries can prove to be life-threatening, especially if they are not promptly and properly treated.  A thorough medical exam can help determine if there are accident injuries that have occurred and need to be treated.

Fatal Bolingbrook Car Accident On I-55 Exit Ramp

There was a fatal Bolingbrook car accident on I-55 that apparently involved a loss of vehicle control.  The driver in this fatal Bolingbrook car accident died in the early morning hours of Sunday, September 9, 2018.

Details on the accident appear somewhat limited at this time.

The crash occurred as a car was driving on the I-55 south ramp in Bolingbrook that leads to Route 53.  This single-vehicle fatal Bolingbrook car accident resulted in the death of the driver, identified by the Will County Coroner’s office as Brandon Brown, 25, of Channahon.  He was pronounced dead at 3:45 a.m.

The accident involved Brown’s car leaving the roadway and striking a pole.

The car accident investigation is being conducted by the Illinois State Police.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the September 10, 2018 Channahon Patch article titled “Channahon Man Dies In I-55 Fatality Near Bolingbrook” as well as the September 10, 2018 The Herald-News article titled “Channahon man, 25, dies in overnight crash.”

The subject of vehicle loss of control is further discussed on the “Will County Loss Of Control Accidents” page.  As discussed on this page, there can be many reasons as to why a driver can lose control of a vehicle.  While some loss of control events are caused by the actions of the driver, others causes are outside of the control of the driver.  Among those factors outside of the control of the driver are defective auto parts or auto components that can fail and lead to a crash.

Road Hazards And The Threat To Traffic Safety In Illinois And Will County

The threat to safe driving presented by road hazards is discussed on the “Will County Road Hazards” page.  As seen on that page, road hazards can take many forms.  Among the most dangerous road hazards are those objects that hit vehicles as they drive down the expressway or other roadway.  These objects can include tires and wheels which have detached (often called “wheel separations”) from other vehicles.  One such Chicago-area accident that involved a wheel that had detached off of a SUV and fatally struck a driver in a car as the driver was traveling on the Bishop Ford Freeway.

Other types of road hazards can include high standing water on the roadway.  Depending on the depth of the water and other characteristics, this standing water can cause hydroplaning or other adverse impacts on vehicle handling, which can lead to a loss of vehicle control.

Another type of road hazard is large potholes or other types of substantial road deformities which, if hit by a vehicle, can cause the driver to lose control.  On this site various Will County traffic hazards of this type have been summarized.

One of the reasons that road hazards are potentially dangerous is that they often are unexpected; as well, they can suddenly appear and as such may leave the motorist with little reaction time to successfully react to the hazard.

As well, if the motorist is driving at night or other situations with limited visibility, these road hazards can be especially problematical.

On August 30, 2018 NBC Chicago aired a video segment titled “More Than 9,000 Crashes on Illinois Roads Caused By Debris.”  The segment discusses one type of road hazard, debris that is sitting on the roadway.  If hit or run over by a vehicle, such debris can cause a range of adverse effects, including a loss of control and/or a crash.

An excerpt from the article:

Seventeen people have been killed in crashes caused by debris on Illinois roadways, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s most recent data.

From 2012 to 2016, more than 9,000 accidents have resulted in more than 1,500 people injured.

As seen in the segment, there is a wide range of items that IDOT has found on the roadway, including kitchen sinks, grills, and mattresses.

Additional details and possible updates concerning road hazards and road debris can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

Joliet SUV Crash Results In Two Fatalities And Two Critically Injured

There was a fatal Joliet SUV crash on Tuesday (September 4, 2018) morning that led to the deaths of two teenagers, along with two other teenagers being critically injured.

According to the Joliet Police Department, the crash happened early in the morning.  Police responded to this Joliet SUV crash at 3:57 a.m.

The crash involved a red Honda SUV, carrying four teenagers, leaving the roadway and crashing into a large tree.  The accident scene was near the intersection of Briggs Street and Spencer Road.  It is unknown as to what caused this apparent loss of vehicle control.  The accident remains under investigation.

The two fatalities were identified as the driver Eric Zielinski, 18, of New Lenox, and passenger Heather Sturwold, 18, of New Lenox.  According to the Will County Coroner’s Office, Zielenski died at the accident scene.  Sturwold was pronounced dead at about 5:00 a.m. after being taken to the Silver Cross Hospital emergency room (ER).

The two critically injured passengers were taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, and the other was taken to Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center.

An excerpt regarding the crash, from the September 4, 2018 Joliet Patch article titled “2 New Lenox Teens Killed, 2 Injured, After Joliet Crash,” quoting Joliet Police Sgt. Darrell Gavin:

“I’m not sure if it was speed-related or if other factors were involved,” Gavin told Patch mid-afternoon on Tuesday. He said it’s his understanding that Joliet’s accident reconstruction team was still assembling their investigative reports surrounding the crash.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this double-fatal Joliet SUV crash can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above as well as the September 4 The Herald-News article titled “Two New Lenox teens killed when vehicle crashes into tree.”