I-55 Accident Involving Truck Failing To Stop In Time

Failing to stop in time to avoid an accident is a common reason for truck accidents. Semi trucks failing to stop in time to avoid hitting vehicles ahead can occur for many reasons; one reason is the weight of trucks. Because of this weight, as well as other physical dynamics, stopping a truck can take significant time and distance. This is especially so if the truck is driving in adverse weather such as rain, snow or ice.

There was a fatal I-55 accident involving a semi truck allegedly failing to stop in time. This Will County truck accident occurred in Wilmington and involved three trucks and two cars. The accident happened on Thursday, November 7, 2019 at approximately 9:30 a.m.

This truck accident is discussed in a variety of media sources, including the November 11, 2019 wspynews.com article titled “One Person Killed & Several Others Injured in Interstate 55 Crash.”

An excerpt:

The Wilmington Fire Protection District said it was determined there were three semi tractor trailers and two passenger vehicles involved in the crash near Wilmington. One of the semis and both passenger vehicles sustained heavy damage.

The Illinois State Police said a semi driven by 46 year-old Shabbir Patel of Brampton, Ontario allegedly failed to yield to traffic that was stopped for construction, which then caused a chain reaction crash with four other vehicles.  Patel was taken to an area hospital.

One man involved in the accident, Kenneth C. Bloor, 34, of St. Peters, MO, was declared deceased after being taken to Amita Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet.

Other people were also injured during the crash. The type and extent of their injuries does not appear to be publicly disclosed.

Another excerpt from the wspynews.com article:

Patel was cited for Following Too Closely & Failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. 

Additional details and possible updates concerning this incident involving a truck failing to stop in time can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above as well as the November 8 Channahon-Minooka Patch article titled “Victim ID: I-55 Semi Crash Fatal At Lorenzo Road.”

Snow And Ice Conditions Often Cause Serious Accident Injuries

Snow and ice often lead to a variety of accidents and accident injuries. Among the types of accidents that can occur due to snow and ice are vehicle accidents. As seen in many posts on this site, there have been many days when adverse winter driving conditions have existed in Will County. Such conditions typically include much snow and ice, and possibly “black ice.” Will County vehicle accidents that occur in these conditions include spinouts, “slide-offs”, and various types of collisions including when one vehicle “rear ends” another. Depending upon the type of accident, a broad range of injuries can result. These injuries range from minor injuries to those that can be life-threatening in nature.

Other types of accidents can occur due to snow and ice. For example, someone may slip and fall when walking due to ice accumulation. A broad range of injuries may result. Among the most common types of injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident include back injuries and leg injuries. If the person hits their head, a wide range of head injuries can occur. These head injuries can vary in type and severity. In the worst case scenarios, head injuries can be life-threatening in nature. The subject of traumatic head injuries are further discussed on the “Traumatic Brain Injuries” page.

These accidents that occur in snow and ice can lead to injuries that may require hospitalization and associated required testing, other diagnostic procedures, and testing. Follow-on medical treatment may involve rehabilitation, such as physical rehabilitation and occupational occupation.

Despite the medical care and rehabilitation, the injured person may suffer from temporary impairments or permanent injuries. These impairments and injuries can not only lower the quality of life, but also prevent the injured person from working. As well, physical and/or mental impairments may prevent the person from being able to normally function in everyday life.

Because of the hardships caused by accident injuries, those who have been injured due to the fault of another person may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit. The subject is further discussed on the “Lawsuits Over Will County Vehicle Accident Injuries” page.