Accident Scenes As Potentially Dangerous Areas For Motorists And Others

Crashes that occur at existing accident scenes continue to be a major traffic safety concern. There have been many crashes in which motorists and other people have been injured or killed after a crash occurs at an existing accident scene.

There are many reasons as to why this type of secondary accident can occur. Often, those who have been injured in the original accident are anxious to get out of their vehicles, which may or may not be safe to do. As well, there can be a considerable amount of uncertainty at accident scenes, which may distract drivers of other vehicles. As well, there can be traffic actively passing accident scenes.

For the same reasons as discussed above, stalled vehicles can also present a traffic safety hazard for both the motorist of the stalled vehicle as well as other motorists. As well, those who attempt to fix or move the stalled vehicle may be at risk. These include tow truck drivers, police officers, and others.

There was a fatal accident in which a man was killed as he attempted to assist a stalled vehicle. This fatal accident occurred on Route 47 over the Illinois River Bridge in Morris on August 18, 2019.

An excerpt regarding this fatal accident, from the August 19 article titled “Off Duty Cook County Sheriff’s Officer Dies While Aiding in Crash on Illinois River Bridge in Morris.” An excerpt:

The Morris Police Department said a vehicle broke down in the southbound lanes of Route 47 and another vehicle assisted at the scene. That’s when another vehicle rear-ended the assisting vehicle causing a chain reaction.

Several people were injured at the accident scene and taken to hospitals. One of these people was an off duty Cook County Sheriff’s Officer identified as Ronald Prohaska, 50. He died after being flown to Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove for treatment of his accident injuries.

According to the August 20, 2019 article titled “Cook County officer killed while helping stalled motorist in Morris” a motorist was cited regarding this “chain-reaction” crash. An excerpt:

Authorities say Matthew Taylor of Morris was issued a citation for failure to reduce speed. Morris police says the crash remains under investigation.

Additional details can be seen in the sources mentioned above.