Dangerous Intersections That Lead To Accidents And Injuries

What Are Dangerous Intersections?

There is no definition of what a dangerous intersection is. However, those that have a high number of accidents often are considered to be dangerous intersections. There are many areas in the greater Chicago area which meet this criteria. While there are various ways to decrease the “unsafe” aspects of such junctions, even if intersection improvements are made they can take years to implement.

Characteristics Of Dangerous Intersections

There are many factors that can make a junction unsafe. Some factors that often lead to accidents include the following:

High Volumes Of Traffic, Especially If Greater Than Originally Anticipated

If the roads leading to the crossroads area experience much greater traffic than the intersection has been designed to handle, congestion can result. This often occurs in areas which experience rapid population growth, or some type of change makes the area attract more traffic.

This congestion can inhibit traffic flow through the intersection. In an effort to more quickly pass through the intersection, drivers may drive more aggressively in an effort to more quickly move through the congestion. In doing so, some drivers may driver faster and/or run through a red light. Other traffic infractions that may occur include failing to yield to oncoming traffic. All of these tactics increase the risk of an intersection accident and as such put motorists at risk of harm.

Poor Visibility

Various characteristics can lead to poor visibility at a junction. Poor lighting can become problematical in low-light conditions. If street lights and stop lights are not properly placed and configured, these can also play a role in motorists being unable to properly navigate.

Confusing Layouts

There are many reasons why an intersection’s layout may cause confusion, especially for those motorists who are driving through the intersection for the first time. Often, confusion will increase if multiple streets meet at the junction. Other factors that may lead to confusion is if the intersection is expansive. Both of these factors may lead to confusion as to where traffic is coming from.

Poor Traffic Control

If a junction is lacking adequate traffic control, traffic safety may be put in jeopardy. There are many forms of traffic control. Stop signs, stop lights, signs, road markings and lanes can all be used to control traffic and let motorists know how to safely navigate through the area.

Improper Speed Limit

If the speed limit is set too high, it may create an unsafe environment at the intersection. Speeds that are too fast may cause drivers to have inadequate reaction time to changing conditions. One type of common accident that can occur if drivers are traveling too quickly is when a driver runs into a stopped or slowing vehicle in front of it. When a vehicle gets “rear ended” many types of injuries can occur, including whiplash.

No Dedicated Turn Lanes

Often, older intersections or those that were built previous to a larger amount of traffic may not have dedicated turn lanes. If there is excessive traffic, with many turn vehicles, junctions without dedicated turn lanes can become problematical. Congestion can quickly build, and there may be other issues such as poor visibility of oncoming traffic and other issues. Often, intersection improvements include the installation of dedicated turn lanes if needed.

Will County Intersection Accidents

Will County accidents summarized on this site that happened at or near crossroads include those in:

  • Crest Hill; a fatal pedestrian accident
  • Manhattan; a fatal collision at Cedar Road and Baker Road
  • Plainfield; near 135th Street and Meadow Lane
  • Bolingbrook; near Lily Cache Road and Schmidt Road

As well, the post titled “Roadways Prone To Accidents Within The Chicago Area” discusses dangerous intersections, including what at the time (2019) was considered an problematic roadway at 22nd and Butterfield Road in Oak Brook.

Reasons for accidents at crossroads are discussed on the “Intersection Accidents That Result In Injuries And Fatalities” page.

Steps To Take If Injured In An Accident

If injured in an accident there are various recommended steps. These steps, generally speaking, are intended to protect one’s health as well as protect the ability to get injury compensation if the accident was someone else’s fault.

These steps should be taken as soon as possible.

Protecting one’s health after being injured is a primary concern. There are a broad range of injuries that can result. These injuries can range in severity, as well as the extensiveness of needed medical care.

If someone is hurt in a crash, a thorough medical exam should be performed. This exam is typically conducted in a hospital emergency room (ER). This exam seeks to identify all injuries, both those that are evident as well as those that may not (yet) be exhibiting symptoms. Many serious injuries may not exhibit symptoms for some time. Among these serious injuries are traumatic brain injuries as well as internal bleeding. In certain instances if these injuries go untreated they can lead to an adverse health condition that may become life-threatening in nature.

Once all injuries are identified, a proper course of medical care can be administered.

Another major issue is that of getting injury compensation if hurt in an accident that was the fault of another person. This injury compensation can be a substantial issue due to the high cost of medical care. In addition, there can be many other financial burdens that occur because of an accident. [In fatal accidents, relevant parties often seek to get compensation through the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit.]

Many people seek to get adequate injury compensation through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. The amount of compensation can vary depending upon characteristics of the accident and the injuries. Various types of compensation may be available, including:

  • Medical costs (for past, current and future bills)
  • Pain & suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of function
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Ambulance costs
  • Other economic damages

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Various settlements, court verdicts, and awards are discussed on the “Lawsuit Results And Illinois Court Trial Capabilities” page.

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