Tire Blowouts As An Accident Cause

Many vehicle accidents are caused by:

  • neglected car maintenance
  • mechanical malfunctions
  • defective automotive components
  • other types of failures

These accidents can lead to serious accident injuries, and in some cases fatalities.

As seen in the June 8, 2015 post (“Fatal Accident On Tri-State Tollway After Tire Blowout“) car accidents can occur due to tire blowouts.

A tire blowout¬†happens when there is a sudden loss of air pressure in a tire, due to the tire’s inability to hold air.

While the underlying reasons for tire blowouts are numerous, a few of the common reasons for blowouts include:

  • Overloaded vehicles (weight of vehicle is higher than tires can safely handle)
  • Tire is badly worn or otherwise lacks structural integrity
  • Lack of air pressure (i.e. tire is underinflated)
  • Hitting a road hazard (e.g. pothole, sharp object, other debris, etc.)
  • High heat

Often, it is not just one of the above factors, but many that coexist at the same time that lead to a blown tire.

If one experiences a blowout, there are suggested tips as to how to react to such an event, so as to avoid an accident that may cause injuries. ¬†Those tips are discussed in various sources, including the TireRack.com discussion titled “Driving Through Tire Blowouts” as well as the Popular Mechanics article of August 26, 2013 titled “What To Do When Your Car Gets A Blowout.”

For further reference:

The August 26, 2013 Popular Mechanics article, titled “Why Blowouts Happen – and How to Avoid Them” discusses various aspects of tire blowouts, including why blowouts happen and how one can avoid them.

AAA, Tire Safety and Maintenance

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