Will County Road Hazards

There are many reasons for which car accidents occur in Will County.  Many of these reasons are discussed in the Will County Car Crashes page.

One of the reasons discussed on that page is “traffic hazards.”  These types of hazards can take many forms, and are particularly hazardous as they are usually unexpected.  For instance, one type of road hazard is substantial levels of standing water on the roadway.  This factor was involved in a recent car accident in Northfield in which a vehicle left the roadway and collided with a tree after after it ran through high levels of standing water at night.

Often, road hazards (also referred to as traffic hazards) are presented by deficiencies or deformities in the roadway itself.  These types of hazards include, but are not limited to, such issues as uneven pavement, including “buckled” pavement.  Perhaps the most common type of pavement deficiency is that of “potholes.”  While driving over potholes can easily damage a vehicle’s tires and/or rims, they are usually not large enough or deep enough to cause a loss of control of the vehicle.  However, there have been instances in which accidents have happened after a vehicle has run over a pothole.

One pothole in Will County that did appear to be significantly large to cause substantial damage to a vehicle – if not an accident – was summarized in the January 12, 2015 post titled “I-55 Emergency Pothole Repair Near Bolingbrook.”

Another type of road hazard can involve deteriorating infrastructure, such as bridges.  Bridges that are in need of maintenance can cause many types of hazards, if not accidents.  There have been many instances in which falling concrete from an aging bridge has posed a traffic safety hazard.

A traffic safety hazard was recently seen in a hole in a bridge deck south of Channahon.  That issue was discussed in the December 16, 2015 post titled “Will County Road Hazards.”  According to a December 17, 2015 Morris Daily Herald article titled “I-55 bridge hole near Channahon repaired, but more work needed in spring,” the hole was 6 feet by 6 feet in size, and this safety issue was reported to IDOT at 9:30 on the morning of Wednesday, December 16, 2015.  There do not appear to be any accidents or injuries caused by this safety issue.

Another type of road hazard that can occur is when there are objects sitting on the roadway that were previously part of the roadway.  While a common issue is chunks of concrete and asphalt that have separated from the pavement, another issue – one that appears to be very hazardous – is when road pavement markers become dislodged from the roadway.  These pavement markers are reflective markers that are embedded in the roadway in order to help motorists identify lane boundaries.  What makes these pavement markers particularly hazardous is if they came loose from the pavement.  Their housing is largely made of steel, and there have been instances in Will County where these unanchored pavement markers are sitting on the roadway and get run over by vehicles, at which point they can go “airborne” and pose a serious danger to oncoming vehicles.  This issue was discussed in the July 2, 2014 post titled “Pavement Marker Road Hazards” post.

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